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Celebrating over 30 years of service to our community.

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With the birth of the LaHoods' first child, Joe, Cubby wanted to stay home with their baby and decided to establish a home-based day care business. The first client was a family seeking care for their child with a disability. Very quickly, other families learned that there was someone willing to take on the demanding task of caring for children with special needs. Families who were having a difficult time finding a day care that could serve their children began to call, and soon Cubby had several more children with disabilities in her care. In 1983, her work officially began.

St. Joseph's House is a nonprofit – housed in and run solely out of the LaHood family home – serving children and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities. During the school year, SJH offers home-based before- and after-school care, which enables our parents, many of whom are parenting alone, to hold jobs. Nutritious meals are served and all necessary medical care for each child is provided. 

St. Joseph’s House is open on days of weather-related school closings and during the long summer months. Our ten-week summer program, fondly known as "Cubby Camp," is anticipated all year long. The school afternoons and summer days are filled with crafts, games, and field trips to the park, movies, bowling alley, zoo, museums and pool – just about any place children like to go. We allow ‘kids to be kids’ while encouraging independence and choice.  At St. Joseph’s House, all different abilities are recognized and honored, as each child is celebrated for the tremendous gifts he/she brings to our home and our world. 

SJH is also a place where parents, siblings, and friends find support and steadfast friendship in one another. The children and families of St. Joseph’s House face daunting circumstances and navigate complex systems. About half of our families live below the poverty line, and all face the economic hardship that comes with raising a child with a disability. As they are able, families contribute a nominal fee for all of our services. 

​Relying solely on the support of small foundations and private donors, St. Joseph's House has served more than 50 families over the past 33 years.​

St. Joseph’s House is a nonprofit serving

school-aged children and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families, in the DC area since 1983.

After-School Care  *  Family Support  *  Summer Program

"Our work is to love these kids and their families.

Nothing is more important than that."

--Dan LaHood





We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, licensed organization. Your tax deductible contributions are vital to the success of our organization. 

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