St. Joseph's House

Celebrating over 30 years of service to our community.

St. Joseph’s House offers home-based care before- and after-school, which enables our parents, many of whom are parenting alone, to hold jobs. Two weekends a month we offer respite care, which allows our families an opportunity to recharge and spend special time with their other children without the challenges of caring for a special needs child. In addition, St. Joseph’s House offers emergency 24-hour care (up to two weeks) which has allowed our parents to attend to other family crisis without worry.

St. Joseph’s House is open on public school holidays or on days of weather-related school closings and during the long summer months. The free days are filled with field trips and activities to the park, movies, bowling alley, skating rink, museums and pool – just about any place children like to go.

At St. Joseph’s House, children who are able acquire skills through a Work Training Program, cooking class and other instruction to help them learn about personal hygiene and independent care of themselves. A volunteer physical therapist provides assistance to the children each week. Nutritious meals are served and all necessary medical care for each child is provided. More than 40 families have been part of the St. Joseph’s House family over the past 30 years.


We are dedicated to serving school-aged children with multiple and severe disabilities and their families in Montgomery county, Maryland since 1983.

"Our work is to love these kids and their families.

Nothing is more important than that."

--Dan LaHood







We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, licensed organization. Your tax deductible contributions are vital to the success of our organization. 

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After the birth of the LaHood’s first child, Cubby wanted to stay home with their baby and decided to establish a home-based day care business. The first client was a family with a disabled child. Very quickly, other families with disabled children learned that there was someone willing to take on the formidable task of caring for a special needs child. 

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